Memorial Memories

Posted on May 29, 2017 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

It’s hard to believe the third week of the season has already blown right passed us, we can see summer just off in the distance. While warm sunny days and swimming in the lake might be in your future this time of year is historically some of the best fishing we see each year here on Leech. Water temps are still a tad low for this time of year we’re seeing some temps into the very low 60’s and a majority of them are still hanging around 58-59 degrees. Cooler water temps have slowed some seasonal movements of some species of fish, particularly Crappie and Sun Fish.

Pictured below from L to R: David Beniak from Eden Prairie, MN his son Brian. Cody Hanson from Oak Grove and Travis Beniak and his father Tom – all showing off a few of the plethora of slot fish Leech has to offer right now, I’d give it a thumbs up, too.

As Monday turned into Tuesday then into Wednesday fishing began to improve drastically, hard-hitting waves subsided and the rain turned into sunshine, we had to deal with a couple of wind direction changes, but overall it was an improvement.

Water temps began to creep up a few degrees and along with that Crappie and Sun Fish activity boomed, anglers headed as far north as you can in Sucker Bay, loaded up with night crawlers, small minnows and bobbers they fished the pencil reed beds and sand flats up near the river, they packed livewells to the brim the average Crappie was around 13 inches and Sun Fish were about 10 inches, with a few destined for the wall well over 1 pound.

Pictured below from L to R: Scot Bowman and Chuck Suchy from New Hope and Champlin, MN and some of the wonderful bounty from Sucker Bay – 6 limits of Crappie and a peppering of Jumbo Sunny’s along with some more of the crew Doug Suchy, Dan Diekman, Steve and Mathew Suchy – all from the Minneapolis Metro area. Scot Bowman with the biggie of the day just under 16 inches.

There may be been plenty of excitement about the pan fish bite that’s been going on the last few days, lets not forget about the main attraction of Leech Lake. Walleye fishing was neck and neck with pan fish, some of the best fishing I’ve seen in recent years was in full effect. Limits of Walleye from numerous spots on the lake were coming in. Some of the most popular areas continue to be up in Sucker Bay – Dead Head Bay, Little and Big Hardwood Points and across the bay over to 1st and 2nd Duck Points, these areas are some of the first to produce weed growth and in turn attract all the bait fish.

Northern Pike and Perch have also been on a tear with many of the areas anglers are going in search of Walleye they are finding some bonus fish, much of the time you’re unable to even get your jig and minnow down to the bottom without a Northern scooping it up, and most of the time biting you off completely, I have quite the collection of tackle that has come from the bellies of Pike. Many of the Pike are on the smaller side right now but they make for good eating, especially when they are cleaned properly.

Pictured below from L to R: Jerry Emery from Walker, MN – Shelley Schwab from Minneapolis – Chuck Suchy from Champlin, MN and a pic of our fish tank stuffed with the good stuff, I don’t know the exact number, but there is about 200 fish in there – from 4 boats


I would say this holiday weekend will go down in the books for everyone involved, it’s been great seeing familiar faces return each year and making new friends by the boat full, we all look forward to the future and thank every one of you for the continued support of this little resort and big lake we all love.

To everyone who’s served in our armed forces past and present – Thank you, we couldn’t do what we do without what you’ve done for us.

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