Sunny Skies and Tugs on Lines

Posted on June 5, 2017 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

As we round out the month of May and dip our toes into June it’s pretty easy to see that this is going to be another wonderful season on beautiful Leech Lake. Weather continues to improve and stay stable, which is one of the biggest factors in walleye fishing and fishing in general. Winds spun around from the east and north-east we were seeing the last couple weeks and are now gently flowing from the west and south-west (winds out of the West, fish bite the best) along with being a favorable wind direction for fishing it has brought summer-like temperatures to the Walker area. The last few days we have had highs into the low to mid 80s with plenty of sunshine and as the temps have risen so have the water temps and right along with them seasonal transitions have started.

Pictured below from L to R: Joe Schmidt his sister Jan Beniak from Eden Prairie, MN, Joe’s wife Amy, son Luke and a solo shot of Joe – all from Shakopee, MN they had a great few days of fishing all caught with jig and a minnow and only a few stones throws from the resort, give me a call I’ll spill their secrets!

Water temps are creeping into the mid 60’s and Walleye are still biting, though they have just started to move to some different areas. Fishing shoreline points and shallow structure is starting to dry up and they are starting to show them selves in sandy/gravel areas, about 90% of our guests have been traveling into Sucker Bay to get into the mixed basket of Pike, Walleye and Perch that hang out up there early in the season, it’s now starting to be a Pike only spot as Walleye and Perch head elsewhere.

Look for walleye to be hanging tight to mid-range rock structure, areas along the south shore of the main lake are some of the best, from Roger’s point over to Diamond Point, there is oodles of structure between them. Head out to Pete’s Hole, Big Rock Reef and fish the humps in front of Horseshoe. Start changing your presentation, too, shift to more leeches and night crawlers with lindy rigs and spinners, slow troll them at about 3/4’s a mph around the edges of humps and break-lines, right now you’ll catch a Walleye on pretty much whatever you put in the water from a shiner to leech or crawler.

Pictured below from L to R: Scot Bowman, from New Hope, MN one of many slot fish he caught while staying with us the last 2 weeks. Chuck Emery from Walker, MN and Chris Peach from Grand Forks, ND – showing off a days guide trip of Pike, Walleye and Perch.

Chuck (pictured above to the right) has been a guiding pro on Leech Lake for over 20 years he’s very busy and successful, if you’re in the market for a Walleye/Pike guide you will not go wrong choosing Chuck. Click here to view his website and contact info. Chuck lives at Big Rock during the summer, so stay with us and fish with him!

This past weekend marked the 8th annual Leech Lake Walleye Tournament with 155 boats competing for over $43,000 in prize money, with the winners taking home a check for $15,200, not bad for a couple days of fishing. There were over 1300 Walleye registered this year with 67 of them being over 26″ and a 92% survival rate on the released fish.

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