Slot Fish, Keepers and Pike, Pike, Pike

Posted on June 12, 2017 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Well, it’s been an interesting week, instead of the cooler temps and rain we’ve grown accustomed too we’ve been hit with blue bird skies and temperatures in the 80’s making it feel more like July or August. It has pushed water temps into the upper 60’s and even some areas are getting over 70, but I can’t complain, well maybe a little. Warm weather such as this tends to send more people to the pool than walleye fishing, but nonetheless they are still trying.

Pictured below from L to R: Celia Gant from Minneapolis, MN – Zane Riediger from Wakonda, SD with his grandpa Doug behind- Jake Osterberg and his father Dennis from Belvidere, IL – all modeling beautiful mid 20 inch slot fish, the lake is loaded with these size fish, they bring a smile out of everyone.

Even though conditions may not be prime for walleye fishing there are still fish being caught you’re going to need to take advantage of low-light periods to get them, we had a full moon this past weekend and anglers that did some night fishing had the best return on their fishy investment.

If walleye is your target species there are a few areas that I would recommend. First off, use live-bait, there are still shiner minnows available and as I’ve always said “if we have shiners, use them” this time of year gets harder and harder to keep them alive, but they are far and away the best choice when it comes to live bait, in a tie for second place i would grab leeches and night crawlers and tie on a lindy rig and drag them across the bottom all the while experimenting with different color blades and beads. With your bait of choice in hand head to the south shore of the main lake from Marshal Point just south of the resort all the way east to Bungy Bay there is more structure, humps and bumps with gravel and rock piles down there then you’ll ever be able to fish, watch your sonar and only fish the spots that you mark fish.

Pictured below from L to R: Kristen Roux from St. Louis, MO her grandmother from PA and her brother Danny, all smiles with grannies big pike! another shot of Kristen this time with a mammoth small mouth – The Roux boys Mitch, Danny, Nick and Stan and lastly a father-daughter photo of Stan and Kristen.

Now if action is more of what you’re looking for tie on a crank bait (shad rap or flicker shad) and head out to the mid-lake rock reefs, Northern Pike have been on a literal tear. Limits upon limits of pike have been coming in, not many record breakers, but all have been in the 3 pound and up range, which really makes for a good eater. We continue to offer free fish filleting service here at Big Rock, so bring them in, we’ll get dirty for you.

Pictured below from L to R: Mike Rogers from Fort Dodge, IA – Justin Rogers from Des Moines, IA with his father Mike – Jonah Rogers from Des Moines, IA and a shot of clan Rogers – Mike, Justin, Jonah, Dorothy and Don. From slot fish to eater pike, night trolled walleye and our harbor rock bass stocking program (not pictured) they have done it all so far this trip.

Thursday night of last week we were just missed by a severe thunderstorm and though the skies were a tad on the spooky side Walleyes decided it was time to eat, the image below is a screen shot of Justin’s phone in which he was letting his sister in-law know what she was missing. look at the time stamps on the fish that he and his father were catching, pretty awesome!

Justin is our web developer and photographer, he is responsible for the many outstanding photo’s that have been and his family have been coming to Big Rock for almost 30 years and we are over the moon that they chose our resort to be the place that they are expecting their first child, I heard they are having a boy and are leaning towards naming him Ray, sounds good to me! congrats from everyone at Big Rock Resort!

Pictured below the expecting couple: Justin and Jonah Rogers.

Featured image up top is courtesy of Rogers Photography – Justin was standing in the rocks along our shoreline looking south to capture the stunning rising moon.

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