Unseasonable Struggles

Posted on June 26, 2017 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Another week another Walleye, wall-eyed Pike or Sander Vitreus – whatever you call them, I call them tasty! It’s been another interesting week with air temperatures around 15-20 degrees below average it has driven the surface water temps back towards the low 60’s topping that off with the steady hard blow of west winds it has been down right hard to fish, on the bright side, while we had all the tree-bending wind last week there was a mayfly hatch, not a real big one in relative terms, but the bugs that did come were met with said wind and headed off to the east side of the lake, after the blanket of bugs we received last year, it didn’t bother me a bit.

Pictured below from L to R: Tim Kennedy from Zumbro Falls, MN – Carmon Titus and his grandson from Belle Plaine, MN – Jerry Cooper from River Falls, WI and Howard Kennedy from Zumbro Falls, MN

despite the unsavory conditions and cool temps fish are still being caught but not at the rate most anglers would like. It’s going to take extra time and most likely a bit of extra gas, you’re going to need to cover water and try multiple presentations. If you’re hoping to put Walleye on the menu, you’re going to need to hit the rock piles – Big Rock Reef, Blacks Reef, Rogers Point and the structure east of Pipe Island into Bungy Bay, Campbells Bar and Variety Reef.

If you’re just looking for a meal of fish I’d recommend tieing on a crankbait and pulling it around some of the mid-lake reefs, it’s still going to be mostly Northern Pike with the occasional Walleye, but Pike eat about as good as anything you can get from this lake and we will gladly take those pesky Y bones out for you.

The Walker are is chock full of events and things to do, from fireworks to fine dining. I know many guests ask me where I would go out to eat or what are some “things to do” in town. It just so happens our friends over at the Leech Lake Tourism Bureau have just posted a blog with that exact information, the restaurant edition can be found HERE. I recommend Benson’s for some deep dish pizza and if your server happens to be Annie, tell her hi! she’s my little sister. You can also head over to Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce website at www.leech-lake.com for even more information about the wonderful attractions to be had in the Leech Lake area. Give them a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter!

The featured image up top is of the Titus family from Belle Plaine, MN – getting ready to cheer on their little tournament contestant.

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