Slow Down, Summer.

Posted on July 31, 2017 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

After all my begging and pleading mother nature still won’t listen. It’s not that I have any major requests, I just want the summer to slow down, maybe we could add a couple of months to our summers and we could have just a touch more time with all of the wonderful guests that come and go every week and the few that stick around for two. It’s hard to believe we’re getting ready to say goodbye to July and hello to August, with that we’ll be watching family activity begin to shrink as children ready themselves for another year in the class room, while we ready ourselves for another fall fishing season.

Pictured below from L to R: Natalie Girard her cousins Walker and Micah Girard all from the Wakonda SD area – showing off their various fishies and big smiles. lastly, Carson Bell from Minneapolis MN showing all of his teeth along with his first, yes, first fish ever – what a memory, thank you for sharing it with us!

The last couple weeks have lived up to expectations, plentiful sunshine and heat, with highs staying right at that sweet spot of about 80 degrees. Humidity has reared its face a few times over that period and made it down-right hot, us Minnesnowtans you know eh? we start to melt when it gets above 72!

Fishing continues to be normal for this time of year, and as normal goes Walleye don’t. Anglers continue to try for more willing fish while temperatures are high, targeting Small and Large Mouth Bass and the ever cooperative Northern Pike. Walleye, while not unheard of are being caught just in smaller numbers and requiring more time than most individuals are willing to put in. You really need to put the small windows of opportunity into your favor, get up early, and stay out late, spend the mid-day hours doggy paddling around in the pool or stew in the hot tub.

Pictured below from L to R:

Marvin Girard from Wakonda SD with a beauty of a muskie, Kasandra Girard from Wakonda SD and her two boys Micah and Walker – Easton Giles from Brandon SD and the crew from our Tuesday kids fishing tournament (inhale) Ben, Mikayla, Sierra, Autumn, GayLynn, Paisley, Brady, Walker, Easton, Ben, Cole, Micah, Natalie, Sam, Sofie, Sariya, Maddox, Mason and Sawyer (exhale) the kids caught over 150 fish in the two hours we allow, and the top fisher was Ben Girard (far left) with 46 fish caught. Brady Giles caught the biggest a 15″ Pike.

If you’re one who likes to try to beat the odds and catch some Walleye I would recommend long line trolling as I have the last few weeks it’s going to allow you to cover more ground and find some active fish. Tie on some crankbaits and drag them around on the mid-lake reefs, Mokey, Submarine, Fleschs and North Bar are a few good spots to start, stay moblie and change colors often and while you’re at it, a prayer to the Walleye gods wouldn’t hurt.

Muskie action is heating up, we had multiple muskies caught by anglers from the resort last week with most of them being over 40 inches and the biggest being estimated at around 46 inches. Small fast-moving baits over shallow rocks is the ticket right now, grab a black Mepps Muskie Killer and head out to Pelican Island, if you don’t get some action I’ll buy you a root beer float!

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