A Little Bit of the Norm

Posted on August 7, 2017 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Last week was a little taste of what we’re used to around here, warm sunny days and a few Walleye in the tank. It’s never as good as we’d like it but catching a few is a lot better than coming back empty-handed. Water temps have stabilized after the couple of weeks of excessive heat and sun, currently sitting in that sweet spot for Muskie and swimmers alike – right around 75 degrees. Walleye are still all over the place, spread out and not so hungry at the moment you’re more likely to fool a fish into a reactive bite than one actually going for food.

Pictured below from L to R: Tom Yatckoske from Isanti, MN – Ben Havlik from Cedar Rapids, IA – Luke Havlik with his father in-law Tom and Jamie Havlik with a nice 22inch slot Walleye.

Muskie activity is really the shining star at the moment, reports have been coming in from guides and anglers alike, they are biting and biting pretty good. Shallow rock structure is really the prime real estate right now, head out to Pelican Island, Submarine Island, Annex and Pelican Reefs, Pipe Island is another good spot to try, if you would rather fish some weeds head up into Sucker or Portage Bay. Small erratic baits seem to be triggering fish, I would tie on a black Reef Hawg and let her rip! or go with the tried and true in-line spinner bait.

Jumbo Perch are starting to show their faces as well, albeit a little early. Weedy bays on the south end of the lake are starting to give up some bounty, you won’t catch buckets full, but you’ll get some nice sized fish if you give it some time, hopefully this is a taste of what this fall will bring.

Pictured below from L to R:

Mike Girard from Wakonda, SD – Greg Geilow from Apple Valley, MN – Mike Girard and Richard Sorenson from Wakonda, SD and Mike Geilow from Apple Valley, MN. Bass, Bass, Pike, Bass some more and a Walleye, quite the assortment pack.

Back to the topic of Walleye, they are still on the reefs, troll them up with your favorite #5 or #7 shad rap out on Big Rock, Mokey and Annex Reefs, rocky area’s around Pelican Island, Pelican Reef and Red Rocks have also been pretty good. Purple, black and Perch colored have been best with crawfish and firetiger not far behind, there is only about 2,303 options of colors nowadays, really makes your head spin. we had a group of anglers head into some unfamiliar territory to me and caught a nice batch of Walleye, they went into Agency Bay and drug night crawlers around on the sandy bottom with good results of keepers.

We’ve begun our trek towards the end of summer, I won’t say winter is coming, but.. well you know. The season is passing by faster than a speeding bullet. We have some opening if you’re looking for a quiet fall getaway, with reduced pricing on lodging and boats we would love to me you, please give us a call if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Featured image up top is of Stella Geilow – I feel that way after a long day on the water, too, actually I feel that way right now.

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