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Posted on August 23, 2017 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Yea, I know, it’s not Monday.. I uh, the eclipse messed me up this week, I’m still a couple of days behind on my chores here at the resort and the fishing report/blog are behind, too, but fret not, it’s better late than never!

Last week was a pretty good one overall, it was the last real “busy” week for us as the fall slow-down starts. Many children are getting ready to head back to school and beginning to think more about the new styles of shoes they want than the colors of shad raps, jigs and y bones. I on the other hand have been getting my knives sharpened and am readily waiting for the fall bite, our clientele changes during this time of year with more and more of our guests coming with hopes of taking home a few packages of Walleye, Perch and Pike.

Pictured below from L to R: John Hedgecoth from Des Moines, IA – Lily, Kyle and Klint Carlson from Des Moines and Waverly, IA – Aiden McCalley from West Des Moines, IA and another shot of Kyle. Lots of smiles from the group from Iowa and just enough fish to have a fry and to take some home.


Water temps have begun to head south thanks to shorter days and cooler nights, daytime highs lately have only been able to just top 70, while that makes keeping out pool 82 degrees a little harder it makes cooling off lake that much easier and when water temps start dropping, the perch come a knocking.

With water temps sitting right around 70 degrees we’re still going to be trolling for another week or two and that is the presentation most anglers have been using lately, with moderate success. Long line trolling the mid-lake reefs, up into Sucker Bay and around the Snake Pit flats have been giving up bounty, look for rock piles and weed edges and plan to burn some gas running around.

Perch are starting to show up in the shallow weedy bays, Uram and Miller to our south have given up some smaller stringers, but most of the fish that are being kept are of good size, we’re really hoping that Perch cooperate this fall and our guests are able to fill our freezers.

Muskies have been a bit of a mystery as of late, one week we have guests boat 6 fish during their stay and in the subsequent weeks I hear next to nothing of catches or follows, we have had a nice Muskie around 46 inches that has been hanging out at the end of our channel, but she’s not getting fooled into biting, yet, she’s probably waiting for a Nebraskan lure.

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