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Posted on June 18, 2019 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

The first couple of weeks of June have been a real surprise, it hasn’t been quite as summery as we’ve been accustomed to, but the fishing has been a very bright spot as of late. The last few years the Walleye bite has really taken a nose dive come June and been down right difficult throughout the summer months. This year the lake has decided to play by a different set of rules and is reminding us just how good Leech Lake can be.

Limit upon limit of Walleye have been sliding across our cleaning tables, dulling our knives and making a mess of the place but I wouldn’t have it any other way . Bonus: stay with us and we’ll clean, package and freeze your catch free of charge! I think the best part of the current Walleye situation is the location, anglers have been within a stones throw (if you have a good arm) of the resorts shoreline, it’s what I call our 10 year spot – it seems to go on a cycle where it will really produce good fishing and we’re on the good part of the cycle at the moment.

Pictured Below from L to R: the Lyon family from Fort Dodge, IA – Amanda, Tessa, Frank and Frankie with just a few of the Walleye they pulled up from the deep.

With summer seeming to have gone on vacation itself it has allowed the spring bite to continue a little longer than usual. Water temps have stayed in the 64 degree neighborhood here on the main lake and air temperatures only in the upper 60’s isn’t going to change that anytime soon. Next week looks like we may get treated to more sun-filled days.

Walleye have all but moved on from the jig and a minnow shiner bite, a few bait shops likely still have some spot-tails, but as the water temps rise and each day longer post-spawn they get harder and harder to keep alive so most anglers switch to a leech or a night crawler, which seems to be what they are craving.

Pictured below from L to R: The Stieglbauer family from Geneva, MN – Tyler Blakstad from Mazeppa, MN – Justin Rogers from Des Moines, IA and Bob Trenkler from Rockford, IL

With weather looking to stay on the more consistent side, look for fishing to remain good. Tie on lindy rigs with leeches and crawlers and find a hump, bump or rock pile and Walleye won’t be far behind. Areas around the South shore of the main body are especially good in June – head to Rogers’ Point or try the structure around Diamond Point.

Muskie fishing has not really taken off yet, they typically like the water a little closer to the 70 degree point but there has been reports of some fish being seen.

Bass and Northern Pike are plentiful and seemingly willing to bite on just about anything – look for them in shallow bays where submerged vegetation has begun growing in – Miller and Uram Bays are always a good starting point.

Here is an updated aerial look of our resort showing off our harbor renovation project!

Featured image up top is of Don Rogers from Fort Dodge, IA.

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