It’s Been Awhile – Op’ner Edition

Posted on May 12, 2020 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

As the title says, it’s been awhile and boy…. how good it feels to be back. There’s just something about being woken up in the morning, albeit at around 5 am by birds chirping and loons singing and not to mention the fresh scent of Walleye slime on your hands, well, (I suppose not everyone is attracted to Walleye cologne like me) to let you know the summer season is back in order.

To say this years Walleye opener was a strange ride would be an understatement, we had a relatively early ice-out at the end of April and temps were headed in the direction they should be and then the week prior to opening mother nature decided your freshly planted flowers would look nice wearing some frost and then she hit us with some of that four-letter word, nonetheless there was fishing, and it was good.

Pictured below from L to R: Dan and Loren Becker from Cedar Rapids, IA – Mike Burnside and Russ Havlik from Cedar Rapids, IA – one of the whole gang Wayne, Russ, Mike, Dan, Marty and Loren – and a solo shot of Russ with a “27 incher

Saturday morning greeted anglers with temps in the upper 20’s and light winds from the NW which morphed quickly into white capped waves by early afternoon, and then the white stuff came, there was probably the better part of 2 inches of snow that fell in big fat wet flakes, with a majority of it melting on contact, but some stuck around long enough for me to throw a few snow balls at the guests.

With the cooler temps it has slowed the seasonal spawning of our ever-favorite bait fish the spot-tail shiner, in it’s place we’ve been lucky to have some good sized Rainbows and Fatheads to tip our jigs. The coming week looks to be beautiful, so expect bait selections to go right up with the mercury.

Pictured Below from L to R: Mike Burnside from Cedar Rapids, IA – Russ Havlik from Cedar Rapids, IA and Bryce Kothbauer from Shoreview, MN

The next couple of weeks tend to be some of the best fishing Leech Lake will give us and it’s usually a pretty simple task. Tie on jigs and minnows, preferably spot-tail shiners and head to wind-blown structure, rocky points tend to be best, but don’t overlook area’s of sand or weeds and don’t be afraid to get shallow.

This past weekend was wonderful, we are over the moon to have friendly faces back with us and look forward to seeing every one of you again and we look forward to all the new friends we’re sure to make.

Featured image up top is of Nic Simons from Minneapolis, MN

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