Busy as a Memorial Bee

Posted on May 26, 2020 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Another wonderful week with friends, family and fish has come and gone and with that week came a bonus day off for many as we celebrated Memorial Day one again. With all the fun and activities that chew away our time it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Memorial Day. For those of you who serve, have served and to the many that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and its people, we thank you, you are not forgotten.

As the week started we were blessed with weather suited for summer, it was a quick change from pants and sweatshirts to shorts and sandals around the resort, with days getting longer and warmer water temps are starting to head into the 60’s in some area’s of the lake and for many species of fish that’s the sweet spot for action.

Pictured below from L to R:

Matthew Suchy, Chuck Suchy, Dustin Williams and Dan Diekman from Blaine and Champlin, MN – Steve Suchy from Blaine, MN and Trista Ritter from Ramsay, MN – another shot of Matthew and Dustin and Chuck. Some absolutely beautiful slabs.

Walleye fishing has been a bit of a roller coaster ride throughout the lake, with some areas having great action and others not so much at all. The pattern has been a little odd thus far with normal shorelines and points not having large amounts of schooled fish and some areas that typically get good in mid-June really producing well already.

The cream of the proverbial crop this time of year is the pan fish bite. The weeks that book-end the Memorial Day holiday are always the best for Crappies and Sun Fish, as both species like to spawn when the water is a little warmer, usually around 55-60 degrees. Many anglers forget all about Walleye (for a few days) while slab crappies are biting and head into shallow water on the North end of Sucker Bay and into the North East part of Boy Bay, the one down side is you can almost guarantee you’re going to get your bobber tangled with one of the other 40-50 boats that congregate into the area.

Pictured below from L to R:

The Suchy gang – Chuck, Steve, Dan, Matthew, Dustin and Doug – Dave Schinagel from Ramsay, MN – Steve Suchy with his daughter McKenzie from Blaine, MN

If Walleye is the only thing your interested in they are being caught, many anglers have taken to slip bobber fishing on some rock piles on the main lake basin around Submarine and Annex Reefs, while many others are still working the shorelines along the west side of Sucker Bay with Jigs and shiners and leeches and night crawlers – Big and Little Hardwood Points and over to 1st and 2nd Duck Points, there has been no shortage of Jumbo Perch and slimy but oh so tasty Northern Pike mixed right in with them.

This past weekend is always one of the busiest of the year for us here at Big Rock and the fish cleaning table is the center of the action and our hands finally healing from the carnage, if I was to guess I would say we had over 2,000 fish slide across our stainless steel tables.

Featured image up top is of Hudson Lauenstein from Stillwater, MN

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