Walleyes and Warm, Warm Weather

Posted on June 6, 2023 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Last week was a bit of an adventure. Usually, the end of May is a continuation of pleasant warm days and cool nights, with fishing being some of the best of the year. This year, May decided it would rather skyrocket into the upper 80s and brush against 90 with shirt-sticking humidity and little to no wind and then plateau for the majority of the week. Air conditioners were working hard trying to keep cabins cool while anglers continued their quest for Walleye, Perch, and Northern Pike among other species.

As temperatures rose into mid-summer ranges water temps followed right behind. Currently, there are areas of the lake that are already cresting the 70-degree mark, and shallow areas climbing even higher. Quick changes in water temps are not always a good thing. Right as the Crappie and Bluegill bites started they seemingly ended. I don’t know if their spawn cycle is accelerated or if they decide to try it again another year when water temps rise this fast.

Pictured below from L to R: Sharon Garcia and her husband Corey who made the long trek from Spring Texas to fish for Leech Lake Walleye – Jameson Rogers from Ankeny, IA, and Madden Gronbach from Fort Dodge, IA – June Rogers from Ankeny, IA with her first ever Leech Lake catch. I’m going to take partial credit for this one, it’s my ice fishing pole she’s using!

Despite the heat fishing continued to improve throughout the week as we headed towards the weekend and an early June full moon. Anglers are still tossing jigs tipped with spot-tail shiners over the side of the boat even though the early season minnow bite is quickly coming to an end. Anglers will soon trade lead-head jigs and wind-blown points for slimy Leeches, dirty nightcrawlers, and mid-lake reef structures, with lindy rigs in tow.

Muskie and Bass seasons are all in full swing for 2023 too, I haven’t heard much info about either unless you count Rock Bass. They are as active as I’ve ever seen, and it’s crazy how many people are catching. Luckily not many of them slide across our cleaning table as they do a number on the edge of my knife. Look for Bass and Muskie action to heat up very soon. both species like warm water, and with the temps we’re already hitting it could be a phenomenal season for both. I’ll share info as soon as I have it.

Pictured Below from L to R: Dennis Porter from Ankeny, IA – Doug Riediger, his grandson Zain and daughter Tera, from Wakonda, SD – and another picture of Sharon Garcia from Spring, TX, this time with a big smile and dandy Walleye.

Featured image up top is of Corey Garcia from Spring, TX with a beauty of a Leech Lake Walleye

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