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Leech Lake’s Finest – Located in Horseshoe Bay on Leech Lake, Minnesota

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The pristine waters of Leech lake, Minnesota’s 3rd largest lake, is a great place to play. The fishing is fantastic for the young members of the family to the old pros! Each year new fish stories come from Leech Lake. Everything from the majestic Muskies, Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, Perch and Bullheads, oh even a smallmouth bass occasionally can be caught. There are also other fish in the lake that are fun to catch, dogfish (bowfin), eelpout (burbot), rock bass, tulibee (cisco), and white fish. And best yet – we offer free fish cleaning and packaging to our guests!


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Weekly Leech Lake Fishing Report
Make sure to read our weekly fishing report where we discuss fishing tips, the resort and happenings around the Walker area.


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