There is more to say about fishing Leech Lake than there is space available here. Its diverse natural habitat create ideal conditions for spawning and growth of many game fish species.

The Department of Natural Resources stated, “Based on current data, there is an increasing abundance of walleye and northern pike in Leech Lake, both in quantity and size of fish.”

There is also excellent fishing for muskie, large mouth bass, perch and crappie. Kids can be successful fishing right off the harbor docks, the channel or lakeshore.

NEW IN 2019: Leech Lake no longer has a protected walleye slot limit – you can still keep up to 4 walleye per person, but only 1 greater than 20″ in length. For more information on this new regulation, click here.

NEW IN 2018: The northern pike possession regulation has increased from 3 per person to 10! However, there is now a slot limit, meaning any pike caught in the 22-26″ range must be released. You may only keep 2 over the 26″ size. For more information, click here.

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