Day Before the 4th

Posted on July 3, 2017 · Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

As we look forward to celebrating the day of our independence, I had some time to reflect today. When you have a day like today with highs reaching towards 80 degrees and more sun than you’ve seen in weeks (and no wind) it really helps melt away anything that is or was bothering you, I find myself turning into a whiny 3-year-old when the weather isn’t what summer is “supposed” to be. I do my best to bring in the proper weather for our guests, but most of the time my dancing in the yard is for not. Rain or shine, Walleye or not, everyone seems to still enjoy being up north and on vacation, there are not many places that can top the Walker area and our guests are some of the best people I’ve ever met, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Fishing as a whole is a little bit of a mystery right now, typical years around July fishing does take a dip and get a little more difficult and the last couple weeks have been exactly that. we have still had to deal with constant barrage of West winds and temps that have dropped down towards freezing, some area’s within a couple of hours of here actually reported some frost – no thanks! come back in about 5 months please.

Pictured below from L to R: The contestants from our weekly Monday fishing tournament, with our employee Cody helping Ethan Endress with his big fish winning 20 inch large mouth bass. Ethan, Josh and Madison Endress from Minneapolis, MN – all smiles after finding their geocache treasures.

If I was going fishing I would fall back on the old reliable long-line trolling, tie on a rapala and look for rocks, mud and gravel. areas around Submarine, Annex, Mokey and the Snake Pit flats are just a few of the spots that anglers will be targeting for Walleye and Northern Pike

With water temps beginning to creep back into familiar territories look for muskie action to start heating up, fish shallow rock structure with fast-moving buck-tails and topwater baits and hold on, you never know when that big one will bite, and with a of the report of a fish upwards of 60″ being found dead on a beach, you know there are monsters out there. Believe it or not. I’m always leaning towards it being fake, but you never know.

Featured image up top is of Ethan Endress – all smiles after that big bass, his brother, not so much. I was never happy when my younger brother caught the big one either.

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