That Time of Year

Posted on July 9, 2019 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

This past week was a bit of a roller coaster, it started out like the last couple of weeks with plenty of fish being hauled into the boat and tossed into livewell, as the week progressed, to say it changed would be an understatement. Water temps are steady into the lower 70s now and some areas even higher, that’s what I’m going to blame for putting the brakes on Walleye fishing and fishing in general. Fishing tends to slow down this time of year and most anglers knew that the bite we were enjoying was going to be coming to end sooner rather than later.

For many anglers the reduction in Walleye activity sends them back to the sporting good store in search of some Muskie lures, one of the few fish that get more active with the warmer waters, If I was a betting man (I am) I would ready my tackle for the big toothy critters and start to hit some of the shallow rock structure around Pelican Island and hold on.

If you have Walleye in mind and insist on trying regardless of the numerous reports of things being difficult, I would head out to the reefs and pull some raps. Submarine Island, Annex Reef, Big Rock Reef and Mokey Reef are the staples and typically will give us some fish, put on the miles and you will likely be rewarded in some degree.

Pictured below from L to R: Brad Larson, his wife Lisa and daughters Alaina and Gabbi from Hudson, WI

Big Rock like many other resorts on Leech Lake and northern Minnesota have had to evolve over the years to keep people coming, we are no longer a “fish camp” like many of us resorts were, we have had to change and adapt and become full-fledged family vacation resorts. From kayaks, paddle boards, rentals boats and pontoons we try to have a little something for everyone. We provide cable TV, A/C, Wi-Fi, cabins with dishwashers, and offer free fish cleaning and packaging, with the list of items required to get families to stay only growing longer we are doing our best to keep up with demands. Bring your family here and take a splash in our 40,000 gallon heated outdoor pool or nestle down in our hot tub and relax.

You would be surprised how nice of a family vacation spot northern Minnesota resorts are – just don’t call us fish “camps” at least not anymore.

Featured image up top is of Howard and Tim Kennedy from Zumbro Falls, MN

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