More Families a Few Less Fish

Posted on July 30, 2019 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

Where has the time gone? it feels like we just opened for the season and that knock I’ve been hearing on the door, I’m fairly certain it’s August and she’s ready to come in, reluctantly, I’ll open the door. With August very near on the horizon, we’ve passed the half-way point of the typical resort season and are still in full-swing family time here and will be for a few more weeks. This is the time of year when fishing is asked to take a back seat to ice cream, swimming and play duties. We have many guests that make repeat trips to the resort over the summer season, one early with “the guys” to fish and then a mid-summer “family” trip, I chuckle when I see some of the more dedicated fishermen climbing on top of kayaks and paddle boards or heading to the pool when I can tell they have thoughts of Walleye and Muskies dancing in their heads.

Pictured below from L to R: Blaine Olson from Vermillion, SD – Nick Olson from Vermillion, SD and Carson Bell from Minneapolis, MN

As you can tell from the images above, Muskie action is hitting its stride. Water temps are currently in the Upper 70’s and will remain there for a little while longer and with that Muskie will continue to cooperate. Areas of shallow rock or weed are always a good bet – head out and fish the plethora of shallow rock structure around Pelican Island or head over to the south and fish Diamond Point and around Pipe Island, if you’re looking to fish weeds head over to Miller or Uram Bay on the south shore, or find your way up into Sucker or Portage Bays – Muskie are really starting to go all over the lake.

Walleye and Pike on the other hand have been a bit of a struggle lately, but that’s normal for this time of year, covering lots of water and swapping lures often is about all you can really do. Trolling is the easiest and will likely be the most productive for you. Tie on shad raps or flicker shads in the 5, 7, or 8 size and find some mid-lake rock structure and put in the time. If I was going out, I would first head over to Goose Island and check the sand and mud flats at the Snake Pits and from there I would move out to Submarine Island and Annex Reef, Mokey and Flesches Reefs are nice and close as well. Lures that closely match the hatch are always best try colors like black and silver, Crawfish, gold and Perch or try some of the more out of this world colors that resemble nothing in the lake, you’ll never know unless you try, just remember to keep your expectations in check, if you’re not catching fish, come sit by the pool and catch a tan.

Fall will be here before you know it and Walleye will start to jump back into the boat, give us a call and book at stay and catch your share, we offer substantial discounts on lodging and have cabin and boat packages and fishing guides to take you to the hot spots.

Featured image up top is of the Bell boys from Minneapolis – Carson and Reid

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