Hot and Dry with Walleye on the side

Posted on June 22, 2021 ยท Posted in Leech Lake Fishing Report

After a two-week hiatus that included weather that about made me melt into a puddle on the ground, I’m back with a little Leech Lake fishing update/blog.

The month of June burst out of the gate blazing, we had temperatures as high as the upper 90’s with reports of people seeing triple digits in areas around the Walker area, as most of us know as the temps climb fishing tends to go on the decline and that was absolutely the case here for awhile. Air conditioners were put to the test while most anglers opted for the pool or just staying indoors and out of the heat, after a solid 10 days of above average temps, sun and light winds mother nature began to play nice again and returned us to some more favorable conditions.

Pictured below from L to R: Bill, Joe, Greg and Jan Schmidt – all natives of the Minneapolis area, but now spread across the country. They manage to get a little time together on Leech each year, this year they were having plenty of fish for dinner and ice cream for desert.

Once temps and winds stabilized Walleye fishing rebounded nicely with fish continuing to be caught daily, the evening bite remains the best time to fish, lindy rigs tipped with leeches and night crawlers both putting fish into the boat, along with slip bobber rigs on the rock piles. Walleye are starting to head towards their summer hang outs on our side of the lake with mid-lake reef structure becoming the go-to spot. Head out towards Annex, Submarine Island, Mokey and Flesch’s reefs with some shad raps or flicker shads tied on, you’ll get a bite.

As water temps continue to warm look for Musky activity to rise right along with it, areas of shallow rock structure will be best, head out to the ever popular Pelican or Submarine Island and cast some shallow running fast moving baits across the tops of the rock piles, big Musky’s are sure to be lurking.

Featured image up top is of the Bratsch Party from the Hutchinson, MN area.

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